SplashTop moves to MeeGo

DeviceVM has announced that its quick-boot Linux-based second operating system product SplashTop will be making the move to MeeGo Linux in the very near future.

Designed to offer a near-instant boot into a simple Linux-based OS for users who can't wait for their laptop to load Windows just to check their e-mails, SplashTop has proven popular with notebook manufacturers - to the point where it can be found on devices from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, and more.

The move to MeeGo - Intel's Linux distribution of choice, born out of a coupling of Intel's Moblin netbook-oriented distribution and Nokia's Maemo tablet-oriented distribution - gives future SplashTop devices access to Intel's recently-launched AppUp application store platform.

The idea behind the move to Meego is for SplashTop users to be able to, in DeviceVM's words, "download, install and run hundreds of apps currently available from the Intel AppUp Centre," in much the same way as iPhone users have access to Apple's App Store.

Intel's Doug Fisher applauded DeviceVM's decision, claiming that the company's move to MeeGo meant that it would be releasing "an innovative product, and [DeviceVM's] adoption of MeeGo opens new market opportunities across multiple device form factors - which is exactly the intent of MeeGo."

Although OEMs have already been given access to the MeeGo-equipped SplashTop technology, it's likely to be a while before products based on the platform hit the market. There's good news for existing SplashTop users, though - DeviceVM has confirmed that there will be an upgrade path from the original SplashTop to the MeeGo version available to all in the first half of next year.