Tim Berners-Lee Defends Net Neutrality At Nokia World Expo

Father of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee has urged organisations to work towards a neutral web environment.

Speaking at the Nokia World expo in London, Berners-Lee blasted mobile phone companies and certain countries for going against the concept of net neutrality in order to control, or even restrict, access to the internet.

He added that it was vital to come up with regulations that treat every website equally, allowing them to be accessed on the same bandwidth.

Berners-Lee said that net neutrality should not be limited to fixed line broadband, but also to mobile internet.

“The moment you let net neutrality go, you lose the web as it is. You lose something essential – the fact that any innovator can dream up an idea and set up a website at some random place and let it just take off from word of mouth,” he said.

Berners-Lee proposed that companies needed to develop better ways to use personal information on employees and their customers, to ensure that people's privacy remains intact.

He also urged mobile phone operators to include low-bandwidth data plans on every mobile phone package to allow people in poorer countries access to the internet.