UK Now Has 7 Million Unbundled Broadband Connections

A new Ofcom report suggests that more than seven million connections are being offered by unbundled lines in the United Kingdom.

In 2005, broadband and telephony service provider BT entered a deal with media and telecoms watchdog Ofcom to offer its copper wire network to other companies.

At the time, only 123,000 unbundled broadband lines were available, BCS reports.

In five years, unbundled broadband lines have grown to provide Internet connections to at least one third of the 19 million strong population of web users in the region.

Currently, more than 30 organisations are offering broadband facilities in addition to unbundled lines. According to Ofcom, extreme competition has led to lower prices for customers.

Ofcom has also revealed that nearly 45 per cent of broadband users in the region believe that switching broadband provider is too much of a hassle.

"There are a lot of different switching processes in the communications market, some the industry came up with, some the previous regulators sorted out - so it's not surprising that people don't find it easy to switch," Ofcom said.