Adobe releases 64-bit Flash Player

Adobe has finally released a developer beta of a full range of 64-bit version of Flash Player 10.

The media viewing software, which was shelved a few months ago after a lonely Linux version appeared and disappeared in short order, now has Windows, Mac OSX and Linux versions out in the wild.

Adobe is calling the release a 'preview' version and warns that the beta won't be as stable as the final release advising caution when installing on 'production machines'. In other words, if you want to have a look, don't install it on any computer that you rely on to make a living from.

The company also points out that updates to the software will not be automatically notified through Adobe Updater, says that any subsequent iterations will have to be installed manually through the Adobe Labs update page, and warns that the preview version will have to be uninstalled before moving up to the final shipping version.

Currently codenamed Square, the 64-bit beta is available here.