AMD Demos Zacate And Ontario Chips

Chip maker AMD has released the details of two new dual-core Bobcat CPUs, which will be a part of its Fusion line designed for laptops and notebooks.

Codenamed Zacate and Ontario, the chips will start shipping by the end of this year.

AMD aims to power laptops and desktop PCs with its 18w Zacate chip, and netbooks and low spec PCs with its 9w Ontario chip, tech news site ZD Net reports.

The Zacate chip was demonstrated on a notebook platform, which, according to the company, will not cost more than $500.

The Zacate laptop was compared with a laptop running Intel's Core i5 processor. Both the laptops were tested using the City of Heroes 3D game.

It was found that the Zacate system was capable of rendering a performance of 40 frames per second, double that of the Core i5 system.

According to PC Perspective: “That Zacate running at 18 watts can get noticeably better performance than the Core i5 running at 35 watts shows that this whole APU idea might be the right direction after all.”