Android Market Share Surges At Rival's Expense

Google's Android operating system has seen its US market share surge as its rivals have faltered, new data by market analysts comScore has revealed.

When Apple launched the iPhone 4, analysts expected that the new iPhone iteration would be able to keep Google's Android at bay. However, affected by the antennagate issue and other problems surrounding its hardware, the smartphone, despite of selling millions of units, failed to prevent the rise of Android.

The latest comScore data shows that Apple's US smartphone market share fell by 1.3 per cent in July to end up at 23.8 per cent. Also, Research in Motion's US market share fell by 1.8 per cent, down to 39.3 per cent.

Google's Android operating system has risen by 5 per cent since April 2010, to end up at 17 per cent of the market. Its rise can be credited to it continuing to appear on low and high end mobile devices, owing to its open nature and easily adaptable technology.