Apple Patches QuickTime Bugs

Apple has patched a bug in QuickTime several weeks after it was first reported.

The Cupertino-based iPhone maker has released an updated version of its QuickTime to patch a vulnerability labelled as 'critical', along with a zero day flaw on Wednesday, tech news site Computer World reports.

According to reports, the updated version of Apple's media player, QuickTime 7.6.8, is available for Microsoft Windows users only.

The critical flaw was reported to Apple by Tipping Point's Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) on 30 June, followed by a second reminder from Ruben Santamarta, a researcher at security company Wintercore, based in Madrid, Spain in late August.

According to Santamarta, the bug could lead to system hijack if exploited. It was said to be affecting Windows XP and later versions using Internet Explorer with the QuickTime ActiveX control.

The other flaw, which has been fixed in the updated QuickTime, is DLL load hijacking issue which was reported in August.

QuickTime 7.6.8 is available for download on Apple's website for Windows XP and higher versions.