Craiglist Confirms Adults Ads Permanently Off US Site

Craiglist has clarified that it has no intentions to restart publishing advertisements on its adult services section in the US.

William Clinton Powell, director of customer service and law enforcement relations at Craigslist, told a House panel on Wednesday that the company has no plans to resume the adult services category on its classified advertising platform, the Washington Post has reported.

"Craigslist has terminated its adult services section. Those who formerly posted adult services ads on Craigslist will now advertise at countless other venues. It is our sincere hope that law enforcement and advocacy groups will find helpful partners there," said Powell while addressing the House Judiciary Committee.

The San Francisco-based company complied with the demands of law enforcement divisions and Congress, replacing adverts with 'censor' banner. However, the move has resulted in protests from several groups advocating prevalence of free speech in the country.

The company continues to publish advertisements in the adult section on its international websites.