Facebook Rival Diaspora Source Code Released

Facebook rival Diaspora has seeded its source code to developers, indicating its launch in the near future.

The creators of Diaspora, an open-source social networking project, have released its source code to developers and published its first screen shots in a blog, tech news site PC World reports.

Developed by four students of the New York University, the project was conceived in the wake of the threat posed by social networking giant Facebook to privacy of users earlier this year.

"This is now a community project and development is open to anyone with the technical expertise who shares the vision of a social network that puts users in control," the creators wrote.

According to the blog, developers are planning to integrate their product with Facebook, enabling users to share and move data between the two platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, funded a part of this project to encourage innovative skills.

The first alpha version of Diaspora, termed as a "privacy-aware, personally-controlled" social network, is expected to be released in October.