Facebook rival Diaspora releases source code

The four self-confessed geeks behind a project aimed at toppling Facebook from its place at the top of the social networking phenomenon have released the source code for Disapora into the wild.

Writing on the outfit's blog, the team which surprised itself by raising more than $130,000 in donations in order to create a less invasive version of Facebook said, "Today we are releasing the source code for Diaspora. This is now a community project and development is open to anyone with the technical expertise who shares the vision of a social network that puts users in control. From now on we will be working closely with the community on improving and solidifying Diaspora."

The project, which was started in the wake of several high-profile privacy gaffes by the omnipresent Facebook, is by the team's own admission in its infancy. They are now hoping that opening the source code up to community development will push the software towards a working alpha, which is due to be released in October.

"Our code is on github, our tracker is public, we have a developer mailing list, and we are happily accepting patches," says the appeal for coding contributions, concluding, "Feel free to try to get it running on your machines and use it, but we give no guarantees. We know there are security holes and bugs, and your data is not yet fully exportable. If you do find something, be sure to log it in our bugtracker, and we would love screenshots and browser info."