Google says Chrome 7 will be 60 times faster

Google has claimed that its forthcoming Chrome 7 browser will be 60 times faster than the previous version of the software.

The bold claim has been made on the Google Chromium blog, together with benchmark results to showcase the browser's newly revamped 2D graphics acceleration.

Writing in the post, Google software engineer James Robinson said that Google's fast release cycles would see the improvements being made available to users in the near future.

Robinson also took the opportunity to showcase Google's WebGL 3D graphics platform with an impressive preview video, which the search company hopes designers can use to create 3D-accelerated online games and virtual environments.

The release of the information seems rather conveniently timed to rain on Microsoft's parade, after the software giant yesterday launched a beta version of its Internet Explorer 9 browser.

News of the new Google developments came on the same day that Google released a security fix for the existing version 6 of its browser, just two weeks after the software was launched.

The Chrome 6.0.472.59 update patches 10 flaws - one of them, relating to the Mac version of the browser, rated as 'critical'.

No details have been given of the critical bug that has been fixed, with Google saying that it would keep the information private "until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix".

Google paid out a total of $4,000 to the eagle-eyed security researchers who spotted the vulnerabilities.