Google Sued By Skyhook Over Business Deals

Google has been sued by location-based technology maker Skyhook Wireless.

Skyhook has accused Google of patent infringement and interfering with its business contracts with Motorola and Samsung.

According to the patent infringement lawsuit, which was filed in a Massachusetts federal court, Google has infringed on four patents belonging to Skyhook, all related to location-based services.

Skyhook has asked for an undisclosed amount in damages and requested the court to stop Google from infringing on Skyhook patents.

The other lawsuit, which is filed in Suffolk County, accuses Google of using its influence over Motorola and Samsung to stop them from doing business with the company.

According to the lawsuit, Skyhook had made a deal with Motorola, in which the smartphone maker would use Skyhook's location-based services technology on its Android based phones.

Skyhook claims that Google convinced Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha that Skyhook's technology will not be compatible with the Android OS and contained identifiable user information.

The company alleges that Google used the same tactics to discourage Samsung from also doing business with Skyhook.