Halo: Reach Sells 330,000 In UK On First Day

Microsoft has announced that 333,000 copies of Halo: Reach were sold on the first day it launched in the UK.

The software giant has also confirmed that the game made a huge $200 million worldwide on the first day of its launch.

Michael Rawlinson, the head of UKIE, said in a statement to gaming news site MCV UK: “This is excellent news for the video games and interactive entertainment industry, demonstrating how games sales continue to increase despite difficult economic circumstances.”

According to MCV, the game has already made it into the the all-time top 10 UK weekly video game sales chart at tenth place.

Since release of the very first Halo game, the series has sold around 3,674,840 units in the UK, reaping a revenue of £109,068,532. Worldwide, Halo games have sold a total of 34 million units.

Halo: Reach comes nowhere near the 1.24 million units sold by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 within the first 24 hours of its launch.