Intel Highlights The Future Of Context-Aware Computing

Intel believes computers will be able to get to know more about users that in the near future.

While addressing the Intel Developer Forum currently being held in San Francisco, Intel's chief technology officer (CTO) and director of Intel Labs, Justin Rattner stated that "context-aware computing" is the next step in future computer technologies, news agency the Associated Press reports.

“It is poised to fundamentally change how we interact with devices. Future devices will learn about you, your day, where you are and where you are going to know what you want. They will know your likes and dislikes,” Rattner said.

During his keynote speech, Rattner elaborated on the technology, saying that has been under development for more than two decades, and gave many examples of such technology, including Fodor's application.

Fodor, publisher of information about tourism, has developed an application titled 'Personal Vacation Assistant', in collaboration with the chip maker, which will guide users about the city they are touring.