Microsoft And Facebook Reportedly In Search Talks

A report suggests that Microsoft and Facebook may enter a partnership to improve their search ties.

According to a report published by tech news site AllThingsD, Microsoft is looking to expand its relationship with social networking giant Facebook to enhance the search capabilities of Bing, in order to better take on Google.

The company is looking "to mine anonimised data from consumer usage of the social networking site’s recently introduced Like buttons, allows users to indicate an interest in a page with one click that then tells their Facebook friends."

The report claims that a source familiar with the matter has cautioned that the deal is still in its initial stages, and might still collapse mid way.

Microsoft invested $240 million in the social networking giant three years ago and integrated Facebook’s real time public updates service into its search engine under a non exclusive deal in 2009. Since then, Microsoft has maintained a healthy working relationship with the social networking giant.