Microsoft Confirms : No IE9 EVER For Windows XP

IE9 may well be the reason that will push millions to finally give up on Windows XP, the most popular Microsoft desktop OS, after Ryan Gavin, senior director of Internet Explorer business and marketing at Microsoft confirmed that the ninth version of Internet Explorer will not run on XP.

Speaking to the Register, Gavin said that the company will neither bring hardware acceleration to the current IE8 or bring IE9 to Windows XP equipped computers.

One of the main reasons that supports this decision is that Windows XP doesn't support DX10 and hardware acceleration, a key feature in IE9.

While some say that this is extortion, it might actually be a good idea since it will encourage people to move forward and leave an operating system that is nearly 12 years old, antiquated and obsolete.

Others might see this as a perfect opportunity to try something else, Apple or Open source (Ubuntu or Mozilla).

Windows XP still accounts for more than half of operating systems worldwide and Microsoft may believe that preventing IE9 from running on XP may help Windows 7's market share grow even more.