Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Web Browser : Review Of Reviews

Already one day since Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 Beta and already reviews are in and the least we could say is that some of them are ecstatic; calm down boys, it's only a beta.

Apart from the fact that it takes some time to install (because it needs to download a few components online) and requires a reboot, there's not much to criticise about IE9 according to Kate Bevan of the Guardian. She loved the clean user interface, the ability to pin websites to the task bar, privacy features and the fact that for once Microsoft is sticking to W3C standards.

Rich Trenholm of Cnet UK doesn't want to admit it and whispers that IE9 is actually rather good. He notes that some of the features brought in by IE9 like the One Box have already been implemented in Chrome and Firefox.

Javascript performance, he found out, was not as promising as expected even when running through SunSpider's JavaScript benchmark.

Gary Marshall from Techradar went further and compared IE9 Beta with Firefox and Chrome (but omitted the darling of them all, the great granny, Opera). He noticed that Google Docs inexplicably had issues with IE9 and strangely enough, the same SunSpider benchmarks produced different numbers with IE9 matching Chrome.

Those who haven't tried out IE9 should do it at least to make up their minds themselves. The beta can be downloaded here.