Microsoft Shows Off HTML5 Performance Boost For IE9

Microsoft has shown off how its next generation web browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) takes advantage of HTML5 to developers from around the world.

Tech news site eWeek reports that the company, at the 'Beauty of the Web' event held at Design Centre in San Francisco, demonstrated how IE9 works for HTML5 in collaboration with the websites of more than 70 partner companies.

IE9's support for HTML5 will allow the browser to make use of the system's GPU, instead of its CPU, as it did in earlier versions.

The support will allow browser to run all videos with heavy graphics reliance at a faster speed without the need of third party plug-ins, such as Flash.

“One of the things we love about IE 9 is it’s HTML 5 standards compliance and it is extensive compliance," said Patrick Srail, chief of video at MySpace, one of the partner website of Microsoft.

IE9 is expected to help Microsoft reassert its dominance over the internet browser market, an area where, in the not too distant past, it once held 95 per cent of the market.