Microsoft Unveils Five New Kinect Games

Microsoft has unveiled five new games for its Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral, one day before Sony's Move released in the UK.

The Kinect will come with a motion-sensing camera designed to allow users to play games with gestures and verbal commands.

The game 'codename d' will involve users fighting for their lives in a creepy amusement park, which will be filled with "twisted and eerie" creatures.

'Project Draco' is a 3D flying shooter that will let users take control of a dragon. Although they will have to initially start with smaller creatures.

Microsoft is also looking to attract hardcore gamers by offering two survival horror game titles, Haunt and Rise of Nightmares.

The company will also release Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, which has been developed by gaming giant Capcom to deliver an “immersive battlefield experience like no other”, tech news site Tech Watch reports.

Microsoft has said that the games will not be available before 2011.