New Sense UI Points To HTC Tablet

HTC launched a new version of its Sense user interface, one which has a number of features that lead us to believe that the Taiwanese firm is indeed preparing a tablet as reported yesterday.

Firstly, Sense UI will be DLNA compatible, arguably something that can be useful on a phone, but which will be significantly more pertinent on a tablet device, especially to consume media content indoors.

There's that feature called Fastboot which HTC says will cut the booting time of its device to 10 seconds or less. How useful that feature will be remains to be seen since users do not often switch off their mobile phones and Smart Boot will be more useful for something like errrr... a HTC tablet?

HTC has also included a new integrated online e-reading experience that use a new e-book store courtesy of Kobo with a host of new functionalities.

Ultimately, HTC Sense, together with, is set to become more than a mere skin. HTC already said in its press release that it wants to take the "experience beyond the phone to a whole new level with a series of connected HTC services".

There have been rumours that Gingerbread may well make skins like the Sense UI, the Motorola Motoblur or the Sony Ericsson Timescape irrelevant and redundant but the fact that Andy Rubin, VP engineering at Google, said that "HTC continues to bring new innovation to the [Android] platform" through Sense UI is telling.