News@10: Twitter Updated, Google Sued By Skyhook & Halo: Reach

Xbox 360 4GB owners are unable to access the multimedia features of Halo: Reach. Reports suggests that users receive the message: "One or more players do not have an Xbox 360 Hard Drive. An Xbox 360 Hard Drive is required to play co-op on Xbox LIVE or system link".

AMD and Valve have partnered to deliver the latest ATI Catalyst driver updates to gamers using AMD or ATi graphics card directly from Valve's Steam online gaming platform. According to the companies, PC gamers will be informed about any driver updates available for their hardware via the AMD auto-notification feature available on the Steam platform.

Google has been sued by location-based technology maker Skyhook Wireless. Skyhook has accused Google of patent infringement and interfering with its business contracts with Motorola and Samsung.

Microblogging website Twitter has unveiled a new version of its website since this morning and it looks increasingly likely that Facebook, rather than Google, is the focus of its endeavour.

Apple may soon announce a newspaper subscription plan for its iPad tablet device. According to an anonymous source familiar with the matter, the company has decided to integrate an opt-in feature, enabling users who have subscribed to the service to share their personal data with newspaper publishing company.