News@5: Halo: Reach Sells 330,000, Microsoft Kinect & IE 9

Microsoft as announced that 333,000 copies of Halo: Reach were sold on the first day it launched in the UK. The software giant has also confirmed that the game made a huge $200 million worldwide on the first day of its launch.

Microsoft has unveiled five new games for its Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral, one day before Sony's Move released in the UK. The Kinect will come with a motion-sensing camera designed to allow users to play games with gestures and verbal commands.

Facebook rival Diaspora has seeded its source code to developers, indicating its launch in the near future. The creators of Diaspora, an open-source social networking project, have released its source code to developers and published its first screen shots in a blog.

Microsoft is back in the game with IE9 - and back with a vengeance. IE9 is a tweaked version of IE8 at least when it comes to the user interface; the icons are slightly different from the previous one and there's a new Onebox, which is not unlike Google's Omnibox.

Microsoft aims to sell more than three million units of its forthcoming Xbox 360 motion-sensing peripheral Kinect within the first two months of its release. According to Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg, the soon-to-be-released games console peripheral is expected to surpass Xbox add-ons in terms of sales, ahead of this holiday season worldwide.