Nokia Fails To Showcase MeeGo Devices

Nokia has failed to allay fears that it is on track to deliver its first MeeGo devices anytime soon as none were on show at the Nokia World conference in London.

MeeGo is set to become the company's preferred platform for the premium, top-end N-series smartphones and Rich Green, Nokia's CTO, told Ars Technica that "MeeGo is critically important to Nokia's smartphone business" but yet Symbian^3 stole the show.

The joint Intel-Nokia project, which was only announced back in February 2010 and merges Moblin and Maemo, has yet to bear any fruit despite the armada of developers on both sides.

Interestingly, it is a German company, WeTab which will steal the show next week when it launches a Meego tablet that uses an Intel Atom processor.

That's well before Nokia's promise of products "towards the end of the year" and all done with the tacit approval of Intel; the device was demoed at Intel's IDF event which took place this week as well.

According to a number of independent reports, Intel was much more enthusiastic about MeeGo than Nokia, discussing about the platform's soon to be announced Web Runtime and the growing MeeGo ecosystem.

Some might say that Intel is TOO much enthused about the whole project, perhaps more than Nokia. Then again, one need to look at which partner is set to win more out of it.