Online Game Reflects Chinese Home Demolition Reality

An online game allowing players to fight against house demolition squads has become increasingly popular in China as debates rage over whether its government should be stripped of its powers to seize private homes for public projects.

The game, 'Nail Household Fighting Against Demolition Squad', mocks the situation, allowing players to fight against government hired demolition squads looking to destroy their virtual properties.

The game begins with a four-story nail household being repeatedly attacked by machine gun-wielding and bulldozer-riding demolition squads.

The term 'nail household' refers to a home whose occupants have refused to leave it to allow it to be demolished.

Players must defend the building by hiring guards from a family recruitment pool - grandfather, mother, father, sister and two brothers - each wielding their own weapon - a gun, a catapult, firecrackers, slippers, a dumbbell and a homemade bomb.

The game is won when all members of the demolition squad are killed.

According to the People's Daily, the game is based on a 2007 incident in which a couple refused to yield their home in Chongqing to a government demolition squad, even after their water and electricity was cut off and a pit dug around their house.