Pigeon To Race Broadband

UK broadband speeds are set to be pitted against carrier pigeons as a part of an initiative to highlight the need for super-fast broadband connections in rural Britain.

In order to demonstrate the poor rural broadband speeds, campaigners will release 10 carrier pigeons from a farm in Yorkshire at the same time a five minute video starts being uploaded onto the internet.

According to the BBC, the pigeons usually complete a 120 km long journey in 2 hours, something the campaigners claim is much faster than uploading the 300 MB video.

Tref Davies, the man behind the pigeon stunt and also the co-founder of ISP Timico, said in a statement to the BBC: “The farm we are using has a connection of around 100 to 200 Kbps (kilobits per second). The kids need to do school work and the farmer has to submit online forms but the connection is not fit for purpose.”

Bringing broadband to the rural areas in the UK has been cited as one of the top priorities for the UK coalition government, which plans to connect everybody in the UK with a 2Mbps connection by 2015.