Pope's UK visit streamed live on web '24/7'

The Roman Catholic Church has launched a live webcast enabling you to watch Pope Benedict XVI's four-day state visit to the UK, which begins today.

The web site advertises its streaming video feed as '24/7', and we at THINQ are sincerely hoping for some Big Brother-style infra-red night camera action so that we can find out what happens after the lights go out and the pontiff's famous red slippers come off for the night.

There's also a 'watch again' facility, enabling the avid (or sleep-deprived) to catch up on the many highlights of the visit.

A regularly updated Google Maps facility will also enable Peter Tatchell to accurately track the progress of the Vatican übermeister around the country.

Sadly, the Holy See hasn't seen fit to provide any form of comment for believers - and other interested parties - to provide feedback on the former Cardinal Ratzinger's foray into the 'Third World'. Which is a shame, as we imagine they might make for interesting reading.