Project Canvas Re-branded As YouView

The BBC led IPTV service Project Canvas has been re-branded as YouView.

YouView is slated to be launched in the first half of 2011.

The service will be based on the successful Freeview set-top-box service model and will allow users to access subscription free content on their Internet enabled TV sets.

According to The Telegraph, the service will come with a programme guide, which will not only inform users about the programmes which are running and those they missed in the last seven days.

The project has also named Richard Halton as the CEO of YouView platform.

Halton said in a statement to The Telegraph: “We think YouView will change the way people watch TV forever…I think this [the service] means that free platforms, which have always had less content than the paid for services, will now offer an explosion of choice.”

YouView set-top-boxes will be up for sale later this year with a price tag of about £200. Users will be also able to get the service at discounted rates as part of a bundled package from BT or TalkTalk, tech news site THINQ reports.