Sony rolls out flexible e-paper display

Sony has unveiled a prototype of a flexible e-paper display at its annual Dealer Convention.

Pictures of the working display, which looks very much like a sheet of laminated A4 paper, tipped up on Sony Insider.

Hidden among the expected cornucopia of 3D products, the rollable substrate was shown displaying a variety of monochrome pages, from diary views to product information sheets.

Sony has yet to announce any practical applications for the highly-flexible display technology, and we don't expect to see foldable e-readers any time soon, but the implications for anyone who has ever watched their glass-covered iPad or Kindle sailing towards a concrete floor are more than obvious.

Close inspection of the prototype pics reveals a number of 'dead lines' in dark image areas, so Sony obviously has some more tweaking to do before roll-up monitors become a reality - but the preview is an intriguing look into the future of display tech.