T-Mobile G2 gets rebranded HTC Desire Z in the UK

Taiwanese handset maker HTC has launched the Desire Z, the unbranded version of the USA T-Mobile G2 device.

The Desire Z was launched at the same London event as the HTC Desire HD, which is almost the UK equivalent of another American mobile phone - the HTC Evo 4G.

Unlike the 4.3-inch Desire HD, the ‘Z' has more of the original Desire roots as it shares the same 3.7-inch size screen.

The Desire Z has a similar look to the first Desire handset, as it really only differs in appearance with the addition of the slide out Qwerty keyboard.

HTC has ventured down this path before, with the HTC Touch Pro being the slide out keyboard version of the Touch Diamond.

The Desire Z runs from the latest 800Mhz Qualcomm 7230 processor, which will be one of the first phones to utilise this CPU. The original HTC Desire came with a 1Ghz processor, where the Qwerty keyboard model could run noticeably slower although HTC has worked in a quicker method of booting that plagued the first model.

HTC's Desire Z will tip up running Android 2.2 and the HTC Sense overlay, which is missing from the stateside version which just ships with a vanilla iteration of the Google OS.

The HTC Sense has been improved from previous roll-outs seen on older handsets, where the manufacture has also launched a website portal for tracking the mobile if lost.

The HTC Desire Z will arrive in Q4 of this year, with Vodafone carrying the phone gratis on a reported £35 a month tariff.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com