Twitter Targets Facebook With New Update

Microblogging website Twitter has unveiled a new version of its website since this morning and it looks increasingly likely that Facebook, rather than Google, is the focus of its endeavour.

Like Twitter, Facebook connects people and uses a number of media to do it; Text, video and pictures. The only (major) thing that Twitter has yet to adopt is an integrated Twitter app ecosystem - one's that available on the site itself rather than through third parties.

Interestingly, just before the launch of the new Twitter, one of its VP, Kevin Thau, vehemently denied that Twitter was aiming to be a social network.

Some, like Gary Marshall, say that it will complement Facebook but the new iteration of Twitter points to the opposite direction and why wouldn't be so.

Twitter faces only one rival in social networking for now and it is Facebook. Move to search and you will face Microsoft, Yahoo and; furthermore, Twitter sucked so much at search that it had to buy one for its own website back in July 2008.

And people powered search like Mahalo, Chacha, Wink and others are notoriously slow, unreliable, outdated and biased, which is why they never took off and why Twitter is unlikely to compete with three of the biggest web companies directly.

The Facebook recipe for success is well known; keep users in a closed environment and make sure they don't go anywhere. Twitter has 150 million users or so compared to Facebook's 500 million.

Alexa reckons that Facebook users spend 32 minutes every day on the site compared to 7 minutes for Twitter. Making the site stickier will only increase the number page views, increase the clicks and (hopefully) the revenue.