US University Bans Social Media For A Week

Facebook, and a number of other social networking sites, have been banned from a university in the United States for a week.

Pennsylvania's Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has banned resident students and teachers from accessing Facebook, Twitter, IM and MySpace, among other social networking platforms, as a part of a week long experiment to "get students, staff and faculty to think about social media when they are not available", news agency the AFP reports.

"The real question we are addressing is not whether we connect, but where and in what ways we should connect to benefit from online networking's pluses and avoid its minuses," wrote Harrisburg's vice president for marketing and communications Steve Infanti in the university's blog.

According to Eric Darr, provost at the University, the social media blackout is a practical experiment, not an anti-social media campaign by the university.

"Rather, it is about pausing to evaluate the extent to which social media are woven into the professional and personal lives of the people on the Harrisburg campus, and contemplating what has been gained and what has been sacrificed," he said.