Apple iPad Finally Comes To China

Hundreds gathered for the official launch of Apple's iPad in China on Friday.

Apple lovers queued outside the company's official retail outlets in Shanghai and Beijing to buy an iPad after a wait of eight months since its launch in the United States, tech news site Apple Insider reports.

The fans showed up despite heavy rainfall to become the first ones to by the tablet device. The retail outlets helped excited customers, that had been standing in line for over 60 hours, by providing umbrellas, coffee and water.

Apple sold the Wi-Fi-enabled 16GB model for $592 and 32GB for $826 and the 64GB version for $1,160 at its official stores in Sanlitun, Beijing, and Pudong, Shanghai along with some other authorised resellers across the mainland.

Although the Chinese grey market is already selling iPads from anywhere between $680 to $880, analysts have predicted huge demand for the tablet computer.

China Unicon, the country's largest mobile service provider, has also announced that it has started to take pre-orders for Apple's iPhone 4, set to be released in China soon.