Apple TV Could Be Jailbreak Target

Reports suggests that the new Apple TV may soon become a target for hackers trying to jailbreak the device.

According to tech news site Ars Technica the Apple TV, touted as the next generation TV add-on from Apple, is expected to be jailbroken as soon as it is released.

The Cupertino-based consumer electronics manufacturer has already started to take pre-orders for its new device and is expected to begin shipping Apple TV by the end of this month.

The news has surfaced that the Apple TV is an iOS device, confirming that the key, 'iProd 2', previously thought to be the key for then unreleased iPad, is actually the key for Apple TV, placing the device on the top of the jailbreak list.

According to technology experts, hackers may feel uncomfortable by running various applications on the device due to lack of storage capability of the new Apple TV, which according to Apple is meant for media streaming only.