Avast launches Pirate English mode

Anti-virus vendor Avast has made a slight change to its software ahead of International Talk Like a Pirate Day this Sunday - a Pirate English language option.

Designed to, in the company's own words, "keep yer ship safe from treacherous malware and [put] you in a good pirate mood," Avast - itself a somewhat piratical name, but originally an acronym from Anti-Virus Advanced Set - has made the update live for users of its products.

The estimated 130 million users of Avast Anti-Virus won't see any direct change, of course - because, let's face it, if your anti-virus suddenly started talking like Blackbeard you'd assume that something nasty had crawled down from the Intertubes - but those who choose to enable the feature will get some interesting, family-safe, pirate-themed dialogue the next time they scan for digital scurvey.

It's all in aid of International Talk Like a Pirate Day - well, that and cheap publicity through stupid stunts, which we here at THINQ are always happy to oblige with - which was started as a joke by John Baur and Mark Summers before becoming something of an Internet sensation and near-official global event.

In the pair's own words, "talking like a pirate is fun. It adds a zest, a swagger, to your everyday conversation. Do you need another reason?"

Samples of the Pirate English mode in Avast are available on the company's website, and instructions for enabling the feature on your own copy are included.

Don't blame us if your colleagues or family members start looking at you funny, though.