Facebook Places Launches In UK Today

Facebook has launched its location sharing feature, Facebook Places, in the UK today.

Facebook Places allows users to 'check-in' to a location they visit and update their status with their location.

Users will be also able to view which one of their friends has recently been to the same location, if they too have checked in via the feature.

The new location-based service is also designed to give information on nearby businesses and destinations.

Facebook has also put-in place several privacy control features to allow users to determine how their location is shared and used on the platform.

The company said: “Users have full privacy control and can customise these settings as well as amend them from a mobile device.”

Previously the feature was only available to the users of Facebook's iPhone application, but now UK users will be able to access the feature via their iPhones and other smartphones using the platform's mobile website.

According to the BBC, the company has confirmed that Facebook Places functionality will be soon rolled out for BlackBerry and Android-based devices as well.