Google hits a downward slope

You know that you've made it as a company when a dip of 0.4 per cent market share makes headlines, and that's where industry giant Google finds itself now.

According to figures released by search engine watcher comScore, Google's unrivalled growth - which has made it a darling of investors and shareholders alike - is starting to dip, with a drop from 65.4 per cent market share in August from 65.8 per cent in July.

It's not a big dip, true, but it's a continuation of a downwards-facing trend which started back in June, when Google enjoyed a 66.2 per cent share of the search engine market.

Now, we're not suggesting you should sell your Google stock - unless you want to sell it to THINQ at pennies on the dollar, in which case we are saying you should sell your Google stock, and you can contact us at the usual address for details - but it's an interesting phenomenon that suggests that public opinion could be turning against the advertising giant.

One company's loss is, as always, another's gain - and in this case we have two companies who have grown at Google's expense, with Yahoo! stealing an impressive - relatively speaking - 0.3 per cent market share from Google and Microsoft's Bing soaking up the remaining 0.1 per cent share.

Such increases still leave them as bit players in a Google-dominated world, of course - comScore's latest numbers put Yahoo at 17.4 per cent and Bing at just 11.1, meaning that both combined don't even manage a third of the share taken by Google.