IBM Launches New Chip-Making Technology

IBM has released new chip making technology, designed to allow clients to manage their power usage more efficiently in smart grids and smart buildings.

According to the company, researchers have developed a new chip making process which involves incorporating wireless radio communications tech and sensors onto a single chip.

The technology can be used by manufacturers to develop energy efficient products for smart grids, smart buildings and transit systems, that allow customers to manage the power that they utilised.

IBM also said that the technology can be used in smartphones.

The company said manufacturers of small electronics devices, such as smartphones, will be able to cut the production costs by almost 20 per cent. They will be able to combine the functionality possible by multiple chips on a single chip.

The company said in a statement: “Such advancements are critical to the rollout of smart systems where the ubiquity of cheap, single-chip sensors depends on affordable manufacturing technology.”