News@5: Facebook Places, Stephen Fry On 3D TV & Apple's iPad In China

Facebook has launched its location sharing feature, Facebook Places, in the UK today. Facebook Places allows users to 'check-in' to a location they visit and update their status with their location.

UK comedian and self confessed tech enthusiast Stephen Fry has produced a short-film about 3D TV technology. The film, which has been produced along side TV network Sky, has been created to make people aware about what could be the future of TV in Britain

Retail giant Best Buy has suggested that Apple's iPad has caused US notebook sales to fall by at least 50 per cent. Chief executive officer of Best Buy Brian Dunn has claimed that Apple's iPad has caused a drop in notebook and PC sales in the country by half, forcing retailers to focus on different areas.

Hundreds gathered for the official launch of Apple's iPad in China on Friday. Apple lovers queued outside the company's official retail outlets in Shanghai and Beijing to buy an iPad after a wait of eight months since its launch in the United States.

Pigeons have beaten UK rural broadband services in a race. On Thursday, a race took place between ten carrier pigeons and two specific areas known for low broadband speeds in the country to highlight the need for faster broadband speeds in rural areas.