Pigeons Beat UK Rural Broadband In A Race

Pigeons have beaten UK rural Broadband services in a race.

On Thursday, a race took place between ten carrier pigeons and two specific areas known for low broadband speeds in the country to highlight the need for faster broadband speeds in rural areas, the Telegraph has reported.

Ten pigeons were left to fly with USB keys from a farm in YorkshireSkegness 75 miles away. They were racing against a 300MB file upload.

The pigeons completed their flight in one hour and a quarter, whereas only 24 per cent of that file was uploaded within the time frame.

"Kids need to do school work and the farmer has to submit online forms but the connection is not fit. This is the UK. It should be well-connected but around a third of homes still can't get broadband," said Tref Davies, organiser of the competition and co-founder of ISP Timico.

Davies, also a member of Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) told that the event was organised to highlight the fact that broadband in some parts of the UK is till not fit for purpose.

BT has refuted his claims, stating that Nearly 99 per cent of UK homes can access the web.