PlayStation Move on sale in UK today

Sony's motion-sensing controller for the PS3 goes on sale in the UK today.

The Wiimote clone for Sony's flagship console comes in a Starter Pack including an Eyesight camera, one controller and a starter disc for £49.99, or you can buy single controllers for £29.99 each. There's also a secondary controller (think Wii Nunchuck) for £17.99, but it's not yet clear how this fits into the scheme of things.

Amazon UK has the bundle for £44* if you're patient enough to wait for the postie to turn up.

The wireless controller sports a glowing orb, which changes colour to allow multi-player gaming.

Although games titles developed specifically for the new controller are few and far between (Sports Champions, The Shoot, The Fight: Lights Out), a number of existing games have been tweaked to work (Resident Evil Gold, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 to name but two).

*Blimey... as we were writing this Amazon dropped the price of the bundle again to £39.70. Hang on a couple of days and you'll be able to grab one for a fiver at this rate!