Real Time Worlds To Shut APB

Real Time Works (RTW) has decided to close the lid on its massively multi-player online game All Points Bulletin (APB) only three months after its launch.

The closure comes after the company announced that it had gone into administration a few weeks after the launch of APB. The game took five years to develop.

RTW was founded by Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones after he left Dma Designs, and started out by hiring former Rage Software employees as the company had just declared bankruptcy, the BBC reports.

Dave Jones wrote on the company's forum: “It has been a long & difficult journey but ultimately rewarding to have had the chance to try something bold and different. I am so sorry it had to end so quickly but hopefully the good memories will stay with us all for a long time.”

BBC sources suggest the people administrating RTW are willing to sell the intellectual property rights to APB.

US-based game developer Epic Games has been touted as a potential buyer.