Retailers Gearing Up For PlayStation Move

UK Retailers are bracing themselves for the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 Move motion-gaming controller.

PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing controller for the PS3 games console. The controller has a round orb at its top which lights up during game play. Move will used alongside the PlayStation Eye Camera to allow users to play motion controlled games.

John Stanhope, the senior buying manager at Tesco, said in a statement to MCV UK: “Pre-orders for Move are encouraging, and we expect the device to shift the demographic of PS3 towards our target customers.”

The new PS3 peripheral will take on Nintendo's immensely popular Wii games console, which had taken the UK gaming market by storm by opening up a new market for casual gamers in the industry.

Microsoft is also preparing to launch its Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral in the US and European markets in November. Kinect provides players with a controller free gaming environment, allowing users to control a game by gestures and voice commands.