Stephen Fry expresses delight at 3D TV

Comedian and self-confessed gadget geek Stephen Fry has created a short film all about this new-fangled 3D TV malarkey.

In it, he hopes to give us Brits a little helping hand - what with us being a little slow on the uptake.

Although, come to think of it, we haven't exactly seen the rest of the world falling over themselves to bag a TV set that can poke them in the eye either

Needless to say, we tech lovers at THINQ can't fathom the reticence.

But for those who are just a little nervous of dipping their tootsies in the tepid waters of 3D TV, Mr Fry has ridden to the rescue with his new idiot's guide, available at

Fry told The Press Association in a statement: "3D TV in the home is going to be the next exciting chapter in television history... and I'm delighted to be able to offer a little clarity on the subject."

No one's saying how much Mr Fry has been paid for his fulsome endorsement, but we're guessing he's pretty delighted with that too.

So there you have it: the future. Recalling the sight of Fry's naked buttocks during his on-screen romps as controversial playwright Oscar Wilde some years ago, however, we feel sure there will always be a market for two-dimensional fare, too.

Sky will launch the UK's first 3D TV channel, Sky 3D, on 1st October.