T-Mobile Accessory List Leak Highlights The Future

A leaked T-Mobile accessory inventory has revealed a mysterious HTC HD7 device.

Rumours suggest that the HD3 device has been re-branded as HD7 because of the Windows Phone 7 OS running on it.

The HD7 device appears on the T-Mobile inventory after making an appearance on O2's, indicating that the device is real.

The dates on the inventory inform that the HD7 accessories will be released on 1 November.

Generally, accessories accompany the device when its launched, so customers may see the Windows Phone 7 device launched around that time.

The leaked O2 inventory indicates at an 18 October launch date for the HD7.

Microsoft has so far kept the software and hardware details of the Windows Phone 7 a secret, therefore, at this stage one can only speculate.

Tech news site Gizmodo has posted a video on the HTC Sense UI running on the Windows Phone 7, featuring a 3D-like Notes application and an interactive Weather app.