T-Mobile Leak Reveals Future Androids

T-Mobile will be offering a slew of Google's Android-based devices, a leaked inventory sheet reveals.

TMO news, a blog dedicated to news about T-Mobile, has procured a T-Mobile inventory sheet, which contains names of the upcoming Android-based devices that people can look forward to.

Among the Android devices listed on the inventory are LG Optimus T, Moto Jordan and Moto Begonia. However, there are two other devices, the Dell Claire and Comet, that have made an appearance on the screen. No details about the mysterious devices have surfaced currently.

The dates on the inventory list give a fair idea when the devices will be launched.

Already confirmed for this Christmas, Microsoft will be finally launching the Windows Phone 7, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Tab tablet.

Rumours also suggest that Apple is working on the next generation iPad device, which will feature FaceTime video conferencing technology and other new features.