YouView Payment System To Be Handled By Content Partners

YouView has said that it will let its content partners manage the payment system for the upcoming IPTV platform.

In an interview with Broadband TV News, the chief executive officer of You View TV Richard Halton has said that the company has seeded the platform to developers to develop their own applications.

Halton also announced that the company is not willing to control payment mechanism as it is giving the right to manage the payment system to its content providers.

"The consumer logic says have a single payment gateway, it’s easier for people to use, you centralise all the billing, etc. YouView is not going to sell content, so it doesn’t seem appropriate that it controls the payment gateway," said the newly appointed CEO.

Halton reveals that the devices will out in the first quarter of 2011, while name of the first content provider is expected to be disclosed in next two to three months.

According to Halton, the first shipment of devices will support several methods of payment.

You View is a new title given to Project Canvas, an integration of web content and video-on-demand services for UK TVs.