Amazon Prices Samsung Galaxy Tab At £800

Amazon has listed the recommended retail price for Samsung's Galaxy Tab device at £800.

The listed price is significantly higher than that of Apple's iPad, the device which Samsung hopes to compete with this holiday season.

Experts believe that the pricing will play a significant factor in deciding the on-going tablet war - and if price listing is correct, things don't look too good for Samsung.

Amazon is offering the device at a discount of 15 per cent, which helps bring the price down to £679.99. The delivery date for the device has been listed as "within one to two months".

Currently, Samsung has made no announcement regarding the pricing details of the device, but the Amazon listing indicates at what can be expected.

Samsung has roped in all the four major US wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, to offer the Galaxy Tab in the US market, ina bid to match the success of Apple's iPad.