Sony Testing 3D PS3 Games

Sony has announced plans to release 3D enabled games for its Move motion-sensing controller.

At the Tokyo Game Show, the Japanese consumer electronics giant revealed plans to introduce 3D games to its PlayStation Move, while announcing 3-D Blue-ray movie support for its PS3 console with a firmware update, which will be released on 21 September, tech news site Softpedia reports.

Industry experts and analysts are debating the potential demand and success of the technology in the global market.

"3-D won’t be a meaningful experience for three to five years," said Lyle Hall, chief executive officer of Heavy Iron Studios.

Hall added that Nintendo's 3DS hand-held gaming device may surpass Sony to become the largest seller of 3D gaming technology as its gaming console does not require special glasses.

Opinions are divided, however, as people believe that Sony is pushing the technology whilst keeping in mind its 3-D enabled TVs. But, if this is the case, then its market appears to be small as there is not enough 3D content on TV to make it worth buying an expensive pair of glasses for every member of the family.

Sony's spokesman has refuted all anti-3D opinions, stating that the company is trying to promote the technology in content and that the 3D titles fall in same price bracket as their 2D variants.