Android update comes to T-Mobile

Mobile phone network T-Mobile has announced the Google OS update to version 2.2 is being rolled out, to HTC Desires on their network.

One of the two networks that make up Everything Everywhere unveiled via its support pages the news of the update arriving, which will manifest itself in an OTA (Over The Air) update message from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has noted the update will arrive over the next coming weeks to all of their phones, which means their roll out plans will start from now but might take some time to fully complete.

Android 2.2 brings in features such as HD video recording, along with the ability to turn the handset into a portable hotspot for up to 8 devices - MIFI products can only support 5 products.

The download is just over 90MB, where it's recommended by One Mobile Ring that it's brought down over WIFI which will save the precious data allowance accompanying the phone's tariff.

SIM Free and unlocked devices were the first to benefit from the new OS, Vodafone followed on from there in August where the other networks are still playing catch up.

The other part of Everything Everywhere, Orange, has still yet to confirm the arrival date of Android 'Froyo' 2.2 to handsets on their network although the last update of mid-September still stands.

T-Mobile support pages

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