Apple approves Napster music streaming App

Apple's new App Store approval process really seems to be opening up with one-time music pirate's favourite Napster getting a look-in.

Of course, Napster has thrown off it's grubby past as the first point of call for music fans who were unwilling or unable to pour cash into the recording industry's coffers, and is now a perfectly legitimate online streaming service.

Now Napster is available as a free download from iTunes but you'll have to sign up for a $10 monthly subscription... and for now you'll also have to live in North America.

If you meet the criteria you'll be able to listen to more than 10 million full-length songs online or save favourites and playlists to you iDevice or connected computer.

The App is compatible with any Apple mobile device capable of running iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Although the release of Napster might be good news for our colonial cousins, and App developers in general, it also pretty much bangs the final nail in any hopes that Apple will be introducing a live music streaming iTunes service any time soon.